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Top 10 UI Trends for 2020

The current technological ecosystem always influences the trends of the upcoming year. Can you think back to what has happened in 2019 so far?

The change in the design-first approach

The design-first approach for digital products became a secondary attribute this year. Why? These designs should improve people’s lives and also help meet business goals.

In 2020 the trends will match these requirements more than ever before. They prioritize speed, simple page designs, mobile-first approach, and most importantly, spiced up with artificial intelligence. 

These are the top 10 trends we will cover:

  1. Fullscreen smartphones
  2. Unique illustration and animation
  3. Storytelling
  4. AR
  5. VR
  6. AI
  7. Responsive colors

Further UI trends focused on looks rather than UX

  1. Oversized, bold typography
  2. Broken grid, asymmetrical layouts
  3. Skeuomorphic design

Below is our curated list of the top 10 UI interactions we have seen so far in 2020!

#1 The Ring – Designed by Minh Pham

via Gfycat

#2 Payment Processor by @dimest.c

via Gfycat

#3 Biocomputer by Mike | Creative Mints

via Gfycat

#4 Landing Page by Leonid Arestov

#5 Interactive Kettle by Cuberto

via Gfycat

#6 Clothing UI by UI8

via Gfycat

#7 Fitness App UI by Tubik

via Gfycat

#8 Reading Dashboard by @hoangnguyen277

via Gfycat

#9 Loan Agreement by Aryb Raj

via Gfycat

#10 Digital Arts Exhibition by Minh Pham

via Gfycat

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