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Our Process

We like to keep our clients informed on every step of their project, we strive for complete transparency & client advocacy.

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Our Web Design & Development Process

While our team specializes in web design, we love unique marketing and content curation challenges, get in touch with us to start your project!

1. Project Scope

We’ll uncover current struggles in an organization & go deep into understanding company goals and culture.

2. Wireframes

The wireframe stage is the blueprint for building websites. We also begin visually designing the website at this point.

3. Visual Design

All web elements from the Discovery and Creative Phase up to this point get implemented.

4. Site Development

Website designs are built on a content management system. This allows the website to be edited & updated easily by the client.

5. Site Polish

We begin vigorously test the site to ensure the experience is smooth. The website is optimized to reach it’s maximum efficiency.

6. Debugging

We begin gathering data to further enhance the website experience and to study how visitors interact with the website.

7. Launch

Black Peak launches the site on our servers and monitors it closely, we collect data and further refine where needed.

8. Post Launch

We maintain the website by utilizing user data to further fine tune the website’s design, this makes sure the site is optimized and performing at its best.

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